Bad Day!!!~

Ugh!!!~ I really hate the day today!~

1.  The rain was so heavy that it flooded our area and almost enter our house.

2. Our dog destroyed again "something"... I really hate when she do that...
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Happy Mother's Day!

First of all I want to greet a Happy Mother's Day to all mothers (including with the pets whom they love so much)!~ :D

*sigh* Only few hours left and it's already ELECTION DAY again!!!~ *sigh*... Who will be the lucky corrupted government will win? Hoping the one who will serve as in will really serve and will be true to his promises and duties...
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Belated Merry X-mas (Christmas) and A Prosperous New Year to all!!!

Still too lazy to edit and post what happened to yaoi convention... 

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Happy Halloween (October 31), Happy All Saints' Day (November 1) and Happy All Souls' Day (November 2)...

1 month to go before the Yaoi Convention and I've already got my ticket pass!!!~
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still waiting

Until now I haven't received any email confirming when, where and what time will I be going to get and pay for my ticket for the Blush Convention (a yaoi convention). I hope that they've red and haven't forgotten me to send me an email for it...

I'm still waiting until on Sunday night and hoping that they will send me all the information that I needed...

I really really really want to go!!!~
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Not use to it...

To be honest I not use to write a journal or a blog. Maybe because I don't write or I can't express my feelings through writing or maybe I just like to keep it all to myself. But since it's necessary, I've to write at least one journal...*sigh*!~ Sometimes, something or someone most force me to do the things that I really, really, really don't like.

But hey before I forgot... anyone who are interested in attending yaoi convention? There will be an yaoi event in the Philippines

"The BL convention is a Southeast-wide-convention. According to the announcement, there will be some participants from Southeast Asia like Filipino and Indonesian doujinshi circles and ect...

Please do check out their website..."

And I can't wait for that. I waited for 2 years since the yaoi convention 'coz I haven't able to attend their last host convention which is the Lights Out...

But I hope it won't rain that day or anything related nature events that will prevent me for attending the blush con.

So anyone who will be able to attend... see you there!
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